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GraphQL with Micronaut

Reading Time: 6 minutes

GraphQL is an open-source query language that is getting a lot of popularity in the last years and brings some new ways to access information. Because of that, GraphQL is gaining traction among developers due to its flexibility to query and retrieve data. Together with the Micronaut Framework, Software Engineers can deliver value fast and in a decoupled way.

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In this article, we will see the incipient power of GraphQL by creating a simple Micronaut-based GraphQL server from the scratch. Engage!

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Implementing Kafka topic consumption in Micronaut

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Reading Time: 6 minutes

Apache Kafka is one of the most used open-source distributed event streaming platforms when we talk about event-driven microservices architecture. This system brings great features, such as scalability handling, data transformation, and fault-tolerance, among others, that make Apache Kafka so popular for infrastructure, architecture, and developer teams. Micronaut is a modern Java framework, with a very low memory footprint, very suitable for cloud-native Java microservices.

In this article, we will drive a quite simple and fast implementation, that will consume messages from a Kafka topic, thanks to the Micronaut framework and its Micronaut Kafka integration. Engage!

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Introduction to Kubernetes Custom Resources

Reading Time: 7 minutes

Kubernetes is one of the most impactful open-source software in the last 10 years. Among others, it brings the myth(?) dreamed of auto-scalability. Apart from that, a Kubernetes environment is capable to take care of the applications we deploy within it, ensuring the desired state, and trying to keep the zero-downtime status. What about the Kubernetes Custom Resources?

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In this article, we will focus on a very powerful feature that Kubernetes provides to its customer, which is the Kubernetes Custom Resources, describing what it is, how to create and manage them, and some use cases. Engage!

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Talking about microservices at Micronaut Podcast 017

GraalVM and Micronaut – Hello World

Reading Time: 6 minutes

The GraalVM is one of those technologies that are getting interest in the Cloud Native world during the last couple of years. It comes to solve some key challenges when we have to develop services into the Cloud. Moreover, and keeping the context about fast and cloud-oriented software development, we have the modern Java framework Micronaut, which is also very hot nowadays.

In this article, we will perform the Hello World for a Micronaut application using the GraalVM, and we will analyze the initial lessons learned for considering this GraalVM technology into production environments. Engage!

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Hiring in a hypergrowth company

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Hiring is taught. Hiring in the technology world is not different. Actually, maybe is even more difficult nowadays comparing with some other fields. Hiring the right people, in a tech hypergrowth company is even more difficult.

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I’ve been hiring persons for the software engineering field in a hypergrowth tech company for the last 3 years, including the COVID-19 pandemic time and, in this article, I’ll explain my journey and the lessons learned so far. Engage!

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Yes!, What you learn matters!

Reading Time: 4 minutes

In my professional career, I’ve passed through several ways to think. The last one, from 2013

If a good opportunity passes in front of you, take it right away.

At that time I learned the same but for renting an apartment in Geneva area… but that’s another story :).

Past April 2021, I had a great opportunity and I took it. Hoping that my professional experience could help people that are just finishing their studies in Computer Science, I’ve performed a talk for the Escuela de Ingeniería Informática, which belongs to the University of Oviedo.

In this article, I’ll talk about this experience and why I think it’s important that a close collaboration between universities and companies happens. Engage!

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Multi-tenant Feature Flag Manager

Reading Time: 5 minutes

I’ve been searching on the Internet for some already builtin Feature Flag Manager for multi-tenant systems, with not much luck. There are some companies and products that offer Feature Flag as a Service (let’s call it like that), which permits managing this contraption for your microservice architecture, but unsure about if they support multi-tenancy.

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In this article, I’ll propose a system for a real multi-tenant Feature Flag Manager system. Engage!

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Review Course Containers Fundamentals (LFS253)

Reading Time: 3 minutes

I’ve recently started with the training platform from The Linux Foundation, and my first course has been “Containers Fundamentals (LFS253)“. This is the first out of an unknown number of reviews dedicated to the courses I take from The Linux Foundation.

The Internship Movie Promotion
The Internship Movie Promotion

On all these articles, I’ll write a small review with the highlights I consider important for a professional profile oriented to Tech Leads of teams of Software Engineers that delivers microservice-based systems in Kubernetes platforms. Engage!

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