Newsletter incoming! The Optimist Engineer

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I’m thrilled to announce a new project on which I’m working for a while: The Optimist Engineer Newsletter

Logo of The Optimist Engineer Newsletter

This is about sharing experiences, learnings, and growth from the tech industry. People from Software Engineering, Tech Lead, and Engineering Management roles, from Startups and medium-sized companies, could find this initiative interesting for their development and growth. Hoping my journey could help yours.

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What can you expect? All things experiences, learnings, and growth about:

  • Technical Leadership
  • Software Engineering teams
  • Acceleration and Growth of tech companies

Publishing schedule

I plan to release a new issue twice per month, with a ~15 days separation between issues.

Special breaks

  • August. In August, you should not expect any issues delivered
  • End of December. During the last 15 days of December, you should not expect any issues delivered