Hello New World!

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Today it’s the beginning of something new and I think it’s the perfect moment to start something new in my professional life as well.

Today, it’s the first day, at least in Spain, of what has been called: The New Normality. This means that Spanish people passed through for a lot dur to the COVID-19 pandemic, which is not disappeared yet. I’ll not spend the rest of this post talking about the COVID-19 because there are a lot good pages in the Internet if you want to know more.

What I’m gonna do here?. I don’t know yet, to be honest with you my dear reader. I’ve achieved to have mission, which is something really important for me.

Accelerate the Knowledge of Software Development and Technical Leadership

“Ooooh”, you migh think, “sooo deep”… or maybe you think something else :). The fact is this sentence summarizes, somehow, what I want to do with this page.

I’ll not write down here all my profesional profile, you already have it at LinkedIn.

I want to write articles, research, proof of concepts, ideas that pretend to help people to improve their knowledge and motivate them. I pretend to write about Software Engineering, Software Development, Leadership, and many other “categories” related to that.

My name is Marcos Fermín Lobo and I hope you enjoy this new journey. Welcome!