aMet El Tiempo

Reading Time: 2 minutes

In this post, I want to introduce a project implemented in 2013, during my time at university. I’m kind of proud of the work done at that time.

I was being instructed on the development for mobile devices based on Android at that time. Very excited about it since it was something new, not just another desktop or server application, something that my family or friends could use on a daily basis.

I decided to create an mobile application about weather forecast; I created aMet El Tiempo for Android.

As you can see in the screenshot, it’s a mono-language application that displays weather forecasts for Spanish cities.

One of the challenges of this application was the fact that “Ok, this is not something just to show to my teacher, it’s something that people around the world could use!”. When you realize that, it’s a game-changing, you really push yourself to go beyond your limits and try to do your best… whatever the result has come.

At the technical level, the Java language was really familiar to me at that time, even though some things were not straight forward or some Java SE libraries did not work on Android at that time.

Something was clear in mind: The feature that I wanted to include “yes or yes” was the Voice To Text. It was not so difficult to include and the result was very good.

Nowadays the development in Android has changed a lot since 2013… and I think for the good. I truly believe that implement your own application, to be offered to your family, region, the world… or just for you is a great individual exercise that any developer should do.

Happy coding!