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Opening new frontiers. That’s the feeling that I had when the CNCF promoted the opportunity to create new Community Groups across the world. I saw it on Twitter, and I thought, “what if.. ?”. Yes, there it is again, the feeling that comes together with that sentence. After that, I thought, “but it would be pretty hard to manage a Community Group only by myself…”. The rest of the story I will tell on another occasion, but the result of the whole thing is what I want to introduce to all of you today: The Cloud Native Asturias Community Group. Engage!

Cloud Native Asturias official logo

Elevating the Asturian technological landscape through world-wide collaboration

That’s the mission of the Cloud Native Asturias. Ángel Suárez Fernández and I are really proud to introduce you to this new Community Group.

Our short-term goals focused on spreading the word about Cloud Native technologies so that, through the CNCF network, professionals from Asturias reach out to peers around the globe creating synergies. We’ll put Asturias on the technological international map thanks to everybody around the world. You will soon see some meetups, talks, and interviews organized in which great speakers infuse us with their passion for Cloud Technologies.

You can find our movements on Twitter, where we will be really active and announcing all the meetups, talks, and events. Also, do not hesitate to bypass the official CNFC Community Group Web Page where all the events will be announced too and new members are more than welcome. Last but not least our LinkedIn and Github places.

Stay tuned!

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