How to create a Cloud Native Community Group

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation supports the worldwide community of the Cloud Native Community Groups (CNCG) and currently, they are working on expanding the Cloud Native community around the globe, and they are happy to accept the new local communities to join their network.

Cloud Native Computing Foundation logo
Cloud Native Computing Foundation logo

In this short article, I will describe the few steps and a couple of tips for creating a Cloud Native Community Group. Engage!

In previous articles on this web site, you can read about some cloud-native technologies, like Fluentd or NATS. The people that are behind the technologies under the Cloud Native Computing Foundation invest a lot of time and resources to attend to meetups and different events of any kind where they can talk about a certain technology. The CNCF announced the past July 2020 their efforts about spreading the word about Cloud Native technologies across the world and they were looking for advocated people to create new community groups. If you are interested in this, you are in the right article.

Let’s do it!

The first step most probably is the creation of a CNCF account. For that, you have to register on this page

In the CNCF jargon, a community group is also named as “Chapter”. On this second step, you can choose to join an existing group or create a new one, but in whatever case, you should go to the chapters list and look for an existing chapter or the absence of the one that you want to create. However, in this article, we are focusing on the creation of a new one.

Chapter list in Europe at Sept 6th, 2020

Once you know that you have your “free spot”, the last step is going to this Github documentation page that the CNCF offers (see How to Apply? section). There they explain all the details better, but the main steps are:

  1. Fill the Google Drive web form here
  2. Wait for around 1 week
  3. And if you have any questions, pass by the Slack channel (#communitygroups) to ask for your application

That’s it! Easy peasy. There are no special requirements to get approval for a Cloud Native Community Group, you only have to be enough motivated and willing share!. From here, you can manage the next events of your group from the page.